How does Senator Hokkons Baules remain a free man in Palau Society…?

May I ask you folks on PALAU 2012: How does “Senator” Hokkons Baules remain a free man in Palau society after seven-plus convictions of felony assault – mostly against foreigners, with most of them pardoned by former President Tommy Remengesau? Not to mention an indictment by a U.S. federal grand jury in 1989 and eventual conviction of distributing controlled substances for which he spent prison time in a US penitentiary. Geez, too bad Tommy couldn’t also pardon him on that count (only Obama can).

Recently, I tried to hire one of Hokkon’s former Filipina waitresses at the Fuji Restaurant who ran away from him and sought refuge in the local P.I. embassy after filing sexual assault among other criminal complaints against him. I abandoned my efforts to hire her when Hokkons threatened to bring charges against my employer, even though he had no legal basis to do so. True to form, the lily-livered folks at the ROP AG’s office were of little to no help. Que sera, sera… in Palau.

P.S. – Had Hokkons pulled the same crap in my hometown in NY, he would have been “taken out” long ago by the relatives of his victims.

by Frank Dermody


About marilynrideb

Aloha! My name is Marilyn Rideb and I am a Palauan Entrepreneur living in Hawaii. I am a proud mother of 6 beautiful children. I am originally from Republic of Palau. As an Organic Farmer, I always strive for a greener, ecological and sustainable way of farming. I Plant, grow, care, reap, share and inspire. Thank you very much! Marilyn Rideb (808) 321-6975
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1 Response to How does Senator Hokkons Baules remain a free man in Palau Society…?

  1. Anonymous says:

    A lot of Palauans have no mansballs that is why he is still with them.

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