Palau Is Diving In With A Decade of Difference During Palau Shark Week 2012

Shark Week participants during lunch break on Ulong Island beach

The week included dedicated shark dives that were focused on shark mating patterns, shark behavior, aggregation and age groups. The evening lectures, led by shark experts and conservationists, were an attraction to local shark supporters that mingled with the international shark lovers.

Lectures were delivered by shark experts Dr. Conrad Speed and Dr. Charlie Huveneer from AIMS and offered the divers an opportunity to learn more about the mysterious animals. Dr. Drew Richardson, PADI Americas CEO, showcased the latest shark program of project AWARE while Angelo Villagomez, of PEW Charitable Trusts, displayed the international political achievements by PEW and their teams around the globe.

Palau’s President Johnson Toribiong, who declared Palau as a Shark Sanctuary in 2009 closed the event with a mesmerizing speech that promises to continue conservation efforts and shark protection as well as leadership in the Micronesian region and the Pacific islands.

Prepare for the Future: Palau Shark Week March 3-10, 2013

The Micronesian Shark Foundation will be holding its 11th annual SHARK WEEK event at Fish ‘n Fins dive shop in Palau on March 3-10, 2013. Enthusiasts are invited to sign up for an adrenalin-inspired shark event; dive with Palau sharks during their mating season; be part of shark data collection and shark research; listen to captivating evening seminars; and mingle with the world’s most celebrated conservation leaders. Additionally, dives for Palau’s Shark Week are dedicated to shark behavior and aggregation patterns. Micronesian Shark PADI specialty is incorporated into the program and each participant will obtain the designation for their participation.

Packages start from $1,250 per person for: seven nights stay (DO) at West Plaza Hotel, and five days of diving two tanks a day), Shark Week T-shirt, Shark Week Book, Special Shark Week 2013 DVD, PADI specialty, Palauan gourmet gala dinner, prizes and breathtaking experiences.


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